Days 11-24

The Max Phase.

In all, the Challenge went really well. I lost about two pounds and my energy was through the roof.  I don’t have the quintessential before and after picture because there wasn’t a huge transformation. My goal was not to lose weight; I wanted to gain more energy.

There was only one real drawback throughout this phase. The amount of supplements I had to take was a little obscene, and I felt compulsive when I had to leave each meal to grab a pack of pills.

My advice? If you want to challenge yourself, then this is a good way to start. Nothing is better than exercise, drinking plenty of water, eating correctly and sleeping enough. No challenge can teach you that; you have to motivate yourself to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

If you have any questions about my venture, feel free to ask! I will say this…I gave up coffee for almost a month, and I feel better than ever. I think I’ll stick with Spark no matter what.


Days 7-10

Day 7, 8 and 9:

I have nothing but energy on these two days. I’m beginning to see why people love these products. At the gym, I feel more energetic. On my runs, I want to go a little bit farther. At work, I can use my brain more than before. And best of all: NO COFFEE.

On Day 9, I was staring at a computer for 12+ hours. Needless to say my energy was lacking and I decided to crash instead of hitting the gym. I’ll make up for it in the morning though.

Day 10:

I’m finished with the cleansing portion! Now for the Max Phase, where my body will be retaining more nutrients and my body will receive the “best tools to achieve my next weight-management goal.”

My next weight-management goal? I’m really not sure what they are. I know I’m feeling great right now, and I hope that feeling lasts.