Days 4-6

Day 4:



My Daily Guide

So I was wondering why I was feeling a little sluggish. I realized that I was taking the wrong supplements at night. Instead of using the herbal cleanse (first 7 days to clean system), I was using the probiotic supplements. Ugh.

My plan now is to use the cleanse pills throughout the remainder of this phase and use the remaining probiotics at the end of the phase (last 3 days). I’m a little aggravated with myself that I didn’t fully read the directions. In fact, the Challenge comes with a Daily Log book. If I had just paid a little more attention, I would be feeling phenomenal.

Day 5:

I used the herbal cleanse pills last night (as directed) and I felt incredible this morning. I woke up full of energy and the energy has lasted throughout the day. I haven’t had any caffeine at all, a feat for a coffee lover like me.

I’m impressed with the change I’ve felt from finally following the plan correctly. Don’t overlook the small things! The devil is always in the details.

Also, my Fitbit Flex came in today. I’m so excited to start seeing results. If you haven’t heard of this fitness gadget yet, you should look into it. It tracks your meals, your activity levels, and even your sleep patterns.


Here are my results from Sunday, Jan. 12.

Day 6:

I felt great this morning.  I woke up and went for a run (3.5 miles) and finished a good bit of work I have to do before classes start on Wednesday.

My energy level is at an all-time high, and I know that coupling the Advocare products with Paleo-friendly foods is the best way to go.

I’m now fully cleansing, and I’m excited to finish up this phase and move into Max.


A little “beast mode” every day goes a long way

Yeah…this is another post about healthy living. 

I have been approached by several people about my “transformation” recently. Most of these people are women, and some put me through the ringer with questions. I’m realizing that several tips I’ve given are so innate that they probably make no sense. How do you explain something that just comes naturally to you? 

I’ve noticed somewhat of a pattern. 

  1. Excited phase (questions galore, tip-seeking, etc.)
  2. Epiphany phase (realizations that there is more to tackle than what’s on the surface)
  3. Disheartened phase (feeling as though goals will never be accomplished within a certain time frame)
  4. Anxious/Unwilling phase (lifestyle changes don’t take place in a week…)
  5. Peace out phase (we are creatures of habit, so this is understandable)

The point of this post is to give (hopefully) valuable information about how to get rid of the phases and like Nike, just do it. 

It’s a day to day process. The decisions you make today will affect you tomorrow, next week, next year, etc. Baby steps are key. Make simple choices that will lead to a healthier you. For example: 

  • Give up the salt; I promise there are better tasting seasonings/spices
  • Use extra virgin olive oil to cook with instead of butter
  • Drink more water 
  • Make diet drinks your worst enemy; they’re doing nothing good for your body
  • Limit your fast food intake 
  • Take the stairs, park far away from your destination, take a long walk to clear your mind, etc.
  • Sweat a little more
  • Stay positive
  • Buy cute workout clothes (seriously!)

Most importantly, don’t give yourself a limit via time frames. Of course, you want to reach reasonable goals in due time and physically see results because of the hard work you’re putting forth. That will come with consistency. I noticed changes a couple of months into working out daily and eating clean. It took about 3-4 months for others to notice. 

So if you’re waiting for an epiphany or for some motivation because you feel as though you’ve hit a rut, remember that good things take time and nothing worth having ever comes easily. Keep at it a little each day, and it will benefit you tenfold in the long run. 


(Left: senior year of high school when I weighed about 185; right: sophomore year of college when I weighed about 190.) 


For the record…I hate selfies. There’s no better way for me to elaborate on the tips I’m giving people than to provide definitive results. People like pictures, so here are some pictures ha ha. This is from earlier today after the gym. I now weigh 155. 

Eat right, geaux hard

Disclaimer: I’m no professional.

I live in a city that could be considered a “foodie” town. Baton Rouge boasts holes in the wall that you always want to revisit, the usual chain restaurants, Cajun cuisine galore, and I don’t think the culinary geniuses that invade LSU’s campus on any home game during the fall deserve to be left out.

Point blank: it’s hard to eat right here. I mean, Cane’s Chicken Fingers was founded here dammit. Instead of Starbucks on every corner, we have Cane’s drive thrus open until 3 a.m.

I have felt the gurgling deep down in my gut that occurs after you devour a Box Combo at 2:50 a.m. with your best friends at the Cane’s on Highland. I have woken up from a food coma after killing a Chimes Brunch. Hell to the yes I’ve gorged on jambalaya on game day leading to my quick demise and prayers for nap time as soon as possible.

What I have learned after a couple years’ worth of these experiences is that I no longer want that lifestyle. I never felt good. Eating is easy; eating is a necessity for survival. I’m pretty sure cavemen didn’t have a deep fryer, though.

So…I decided to get motivated and live the way that I knew was the best for MY body. Every body is different, as genetics dictates. You have to tailor any generic plan to work for you, not against you. Step one on the road to health was my diet. “Diet” has a negative connotation associated. I have never considered myself to be on a diet. I like eating whole foods, fruits, veggies, lean meats and nuts. I love drinking water. Here’s an example of my usual lunch:


My staples are a quick salad with spinach, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, red onions, lots of bell peppers and light balsalmic dressing or even just oil and vinegar; a turkey wrap on a whole wheat tortilla with hummus as spread; trail mix including plenty of pecans, peanuts, almonds, etc., with chocolate covered raisins (my vice); Greek yogurt of some sort; and a few other randoms depending upon how long my day is. I like to eat my lunch piece by piece versus as a whole. It helps my metabolism and I don’t feel “too full” at any point in time.

There are days that I get invited to lunch for work or don’t have time fix something like this. It’s all good though. Everything in moderation, I say. (As long as it’s not a Big Mac…that just doesn’t work.)

I love brussel sprouts too. I get made fun of frequently by my boyfriend for my love of them. He has a point, I guess, because I’m making them tonight.


Enough of that. The second step for a healthy lifestyle was for me to forget the intimidation factor of a gym. I finally got some courage and bought a membership. That was probably the best decision I’ve made in my collegiate career. Fun fact about me: I don’t particularly like the UREC. It’s always busy regardless of what time it is, there isn’t enough space or equipment, nagging, nagging, nagging. I do LOVE the Specialty and GroupX classes though. They rock.

This post isn’t a means of bragging about my progress or an attempt to get accolades. I want to share my journey just in case there is someone in the position that I was in a short 6 months ago. I needed personal motivation as well as external motivation. I found it over a period of time, and it’s certainly not at its peak. Always remember that being fit and being skinny are two completely different things. Being healthy and being skinny are also two completely different things. I’ll never be skinny. I’m a thick and “bodacious” woman (check number four on the list). I dig that about myself.

Always stay positive about progress and keep the negative thoughts at bay. Honestly, you’re more critical on yourself than 99% of the people around you. I’m saving the last 1% for your mean great aunts that probably (if they are anything like mine) yelled about you getting fat at age 10 to each other over straight bourbon. Classy shit.

I’m reaching goals and setting new ones each day. That’s my motivation. Oh, and the hopes that I’ll live an incredibly long and healthy life with the people I love.

ImagePlease disregard the bathroom selfie on the right. The left was my freshman year of college.

Please don’t hesitate to comment or ask questions. Remember the most important thing is how you feel at the end of each day.