Days 7-10

Day 7, 8 and 9:

I have nothing but energy on these two days. I’m beginning to see why people love these products. At the gym, I feel more energetic. On my runs, I want to go a little bit farther. At work, I can use my brain more than before. And best of all: NO COFFEE.

On Day 9, I was staring at a computer for 12+ hours. Needless to say my energy was lacking and I decided to crash instead of hitting the gym. I’ll make up for it in the morning though.

Day 10:

I’m finished with the cleansing portion! Now for the Max Phase, where my body will be retaining more nutrients and my body will receive the “best tools to achieve my next weight-management goal.”

My next weight-management goal? I’m really not sure what they are. I know I’m feeling great right now, and I hope that feeling lasts.


Days 4-6

Day 4:



My Daily Guide

So I was wondering why I was feeling a little sluggish. I realized that I was taking the wrong supplements at night. Instead of using the herbal cleanse (first 7 days to clean system), I was using the probiotic supplements. Ugh.

My plan now is to use the cleanse pills throughout the remainder of this phase and use the remaining probiotics at the end of the phase (last 3 days). I’m a little aggravated with myself that I didn’t fully read the directions. In fact, the Challenge comes with a Daily Log book. If I had just paid a little more attention, I would be feeling phenomenal.

Day 5:

I used the herbal cleanse pills last night (as directed) and I felt incredible this morning. I woke up full of energy and the energy has lasted throughout the day. I haven’t had any caffeine at all, a feat for a coffee lover like me.

I’m impressed with the change I’ve felt from finally following the plan correctly. Don’t overlook the small things! The devil is always in the details.

Also, my Fitbit Flex came in today. I’m so excited to start seeing results. If you haven’t heard of this fitness gadget yet, you should look into it. It tracks your meals, your activity levels, and even your sleep patterns.


Here are my results from Sunday, Jan. 12.

Day 6:

I felt great this morning.  I woke up and went for a run (3.5 miles) and finished a good bit of work I have to do before classes start on Wednesday.

My energy level is at an all-time high, and I know that coupling the Advocare products with Paleo-friendly foods is the best way to go.

I’m now fully cleansing, and I’m excited to finish up this phase and move into Max.


Confession: I’ve hit a plateau.

I never had a set weight goal. My goal was just to feel good. So after 50 weeks of living well (there have been some weak moments, of course) I’ve hit my first wall. It’s not that I have a sincere lack of energy. I’m just worried that I’m not feeling as good as I could.

I was approached by a friend to check out the Advocare products, particularly the 24 Day Challenge. At first I was skeptical. What ingredients are used? Are the products tested by non-paid endorsers? Are they natural? Can I maintain a Paleo-friendly lifestyle? Will the supplements I’m already taking interfere with the Challenge products? There were so many questions. And I’m sure there will be more at the end of each day.

ImageThe truth is that I don’t want to disregard the holistic approach I’ve been taking to obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’m not looking for a “quick fix” that will help me drop a few pounds. I just want to cleanse my body…and after the amazing food my family made throughout the holidays, my body is begging for a cleanse.

My plan is to blog about my experience. I haven’t yet decided if I will post each day or every few days. (I’m not trying to bore you if nothing interesting is happening.) This is an experiment for me, and I’m going to be as candid as possible.

Have you used the products? What was your experience like?