Post-grad life

I felt like it was about time for a life update.

Graduation was May 16 — three months and some change ago. I see what people mean now when they say the working world makes time fly by even faster.

Each day I get up, try to get a decent workout in before I catch the 6:36 a.m. train into the city, trek through throngs of people during my thirty minute brisk walk through the beautiful Chicago Theater District, grab some coffee then make it to the 66th floor of a majestic high rise by 7:45 a.m.

Needless to say, I feel like my day is halfway over by 8 a.m.

College was amazing. I could work out for four hours each day (if I planned it right), enjoy a couple of classes, go to work for a few hours, manage to have a social life and study if necessary. Now I’m lucky if I want to do something after work other than watch Netflix with a bottle of red wine — which solves any of life’s trials in most cases. No, mom, I don’t drink the entire bottle. Just a goblet or two. 

Entry level means make $3 Chuck work.

Entry level means making $3 Chuck work.

If this sounds like a blatant complaint of a post, I’m sorry. That’s not my intention. However, I will say that corporate America is intense. I’m using more brain power than ever, and I’m thinking more strategically than I ever thought possible. I’m grateful to be able to flex those muscles and challenge myself more and more each day.

I just miss college, regardless of how “stressful” I thought senior year was. I miss knowing that I could drive to a friend’s house to talk about an assignment then head to the Bulldog for Pint Night. I miss going for a run around the lakes at night just in time to see the sun set behind a few cypress trees. I miss having my Soul Sisters. I miss the look of Death Valley from River Road, almost ominous in its concrete and steel glory.

I miss the smell of salt water and the solace I feel on the bow of a boat. I miss seeing YETI coolers and Costas around every corner. I miss hearing the original Outlaws blaring from cars as they pass by me during my commutes.

Yep. I said it. Kenna’s homesick. But you know what? I get to see a real fall season. I can play in the snow…and there will be plenty of snow. (I’ll regret writing that in six months or so.) I am working with a team that challenges me each day to be better, think smarter and elevate my work to higher standards. I’m searching for studio apartments in the quirkiest neighborhoods of Chicago.

My coworkers and I play a game on occasion. It’s called “Anthony’s Questions” because Anthony’s just damn good at putting you on the spot. The group was asked to compare each person to an actor/actress. The group was almost unanimous in the decision that I was Jersey from Coyote Ugly.

I mean, I worked at a BBQ place (not a pizza joint). But Open Mic Nights aren’t in my near future, and I don’t dance on bars much. I’ll take it as a compliment. 


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