We’re the gladiators

Be emotionally strong.

I had an awesome discussion with a coworker about the stigmas that precede women. Some were trivial while others touched on a deeper issue. As a child, I was never told to smile if I was sad. I was never told to be incessantly nice when something was wrong.

I find that this has served as a strength. If I don’t want to smile, I most likely won’t. If I do, it will be incredibly obvious that I’m putting on a “pretty face.” Even that phrase…why is that commonplace?

I digress. I see so many women who are frustrated. They’re pissed off due to work, significant others, etc. Instead of displaying any natural emotion, a smile is plastered on their faces. They’re faking it until they make it. I understand that  social norms tell us to smile and take it, day after day, female or male.

I’m not going to. I’m going to tell you if there’s something wrong. And believe me, I will be a walking emotional billboard if I’m unhappy — I can rarely hide my disdain for anything. (My disdain for things is rare, by the way. I don’t get pleasure out of being aggravated).

What if we allowed a freeflow of emotions every once in awhile instead of covering it up, sweeping it under the rug, metaphor, metaphor, metaphor. Let’s just talk candidly about the injustice of the day instead of portraying an unattainable ideal for ourselves that others can attempt to live up to. Maybe if there was more discourse about small issues, larger ones would be easier to talk about.

I’ll be a gladiator, I’ll express how I feel, and I’ll be strong. Want to join me?


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