Why I choose to be happy

This isn’t one of those, “I wake up every morning and look in the mirror…” posts.

Bear with me. I choose to be happy because I know I’m more fortunate than most. I choose to be happy because my worst day is someone’s best. I choose to be happy because of the support and encouragement of those around me.

My solace comes from various sources: the ocean, a song that makes me see the bigger picture, writing because I feel like it, running to feel my heartbeat quicken. This may be a generalization, but I find that most people my age are so virtually connected that they lack a sense of reality when it comes to pure happiness.

A digital presence is important. I learn that more and more each day. However a digital presence can be misinterpreted as a form of anonymity. Your name may be associated with something, but it can always be deleted right? I find that my generation is never satisfied. Someone is always a little faster or more creative or has a quicker wit, which can lead to an inferiority complex.

Social and digital media has allowed this inferiority complex to be front and center. Tempers or cruelty take over, and thoughts are splayed across a screen in black and white. (Or in color, if that’s your design preference.)

This is why I choose to be happy regardless of my long, busy, tiring day. I choose to take an hour or so for myself at the gym, on a run, cooking dinner, reading Buzzfeed articles, etc. I choose to find a little bit of solace each day so my temper doesn’t get the best of me when things aren’t 100 percent perfect. Because that’s not reality. And I’m not anonymous. I’m happy.


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