I’m at the gym right?

The gym is a microcosm of the earth’s inhabitants, therefore mysteries abound. 

The following are a few that I observed during my adventure tonight:

  1. A see-through lace tank top isn’t exactly “gym attire”
  2. Make up doesn’t help you sweat any less
  3. Mean stares seem to be the part of the salutation norm
  4. If you really need to have a conversation about your garden club meeting, can you do so in your car before you hop on the treadmill?
  5. Turn it down please

Let me elaborate before you accuse me of being a mean person. 

The dreaded club clothes: I don’t think that everyone should be in compression gear and dry fit material; that would be obnoxious and sometimes we can’t splurge on a tank we’re going to sweat our asses off in. A basic T-shirt will suffice. Nike shorts are a hot commodity these days, I hear. There are so many options…I just can’t fathom going through my closet, picking out a shirt I might wear to Fred’s, and rocking it in the gym while I’m doing squats.

Make up is nice sometimes: This one I just can’t wrap my head around. I enjoy going to the gym bright and early. It helps me clear my head before the day starts and acts as a stress relief for the rest of the day. I would NEVER wake up an hour earlier to make sure my false eyelashes looked halfway decent. I can totally understand if you’re coming straight from work and want to get a run in. I don’t think an early morning gym session constitutes a full face of make up.

Staring is awkward: Why are people so mean at the gym? Why do you look so mad? What’s really going on? I have so much respect for people who are attempting to live an active lifestyle. Why would I ostracize someone with a mean stare just because he/she doesn’t look like a “regular?” Again, I rarely go to the gym at night so this is just an observation from one random evening at my local gym.

Talking about ferns: Having a conversation while in close proximity to others is a little weird. Having a conversation while on the treadmill adjusting your incline is really weird. Save it for later please. It’s common courtesy.

Rocking out: Hey bro, I’m so glad you enjoy Limp Biskit. It reminds me of sixth grade, which was a good year for me. Please do your dignity a favor and turn it down a notch so I don’t have to hear your bench press pattern that just so happens to coincide with the rhythm of the song.

I suppose this is my attempt to figure out these quirks. I love going to the gym because it’s my “me” time. I can stay as long as I want most days, and I can get some serious tension relief. It seems as though some people still crave a distraction (besides the obnoxious amount of TVs displaying Sports Center) from their gym routine. Maybe you should try a new circuit set or a new form of cardio?


4 thoughts on “I’m at the gym right?

  1. So when I read Fred’s I thought of the Fred’s dollars stores they have in small towns, and I was like, “Wait, I would totally wear that to the gym!”

    Also, I say wear whatever to the gym. I can’t fathom how you’ll be comfortable, but all the more power to you. My policy for everything is wear what you are comfortable in (within reason).

    • Well, Fred’s is a rite of passage at LSU. It’s totally understandable that you would assume a drug store ha ha.

      Agreed with wearing what you’re comfortable with. I guess I should have taken a quick picture inconspicuously to describe exactly what I’m referring to…but then I would reinforce that “mean girl” mentality. Thanks for sharing Meg! I love your comments 🙂

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