I’m no size 00

Why is the American ideal of beauty so limited?

I chose to change my lifestyle (eating and exercise habits) because I want to be able to enjoy every day I have here to its fullest and feel great while doing it. I was tired of being winded walking across campus, and I definitely wasn’t happy with the way my jeans were beginning to fit.

I read an article today about how even Victoria’s Secret models are terrified of facing their body image issues. I would also be terrified knowing that the world was about to witness the inevitable…jiggling thighs and whatnot. (That’s called gravity, my friends.)

As a 21 year old woman, I have witnessed how much these women are idolized physically. Sure their faces are totally symmetrical and their hair looks voluminous times 100 on stage…thanks to stylists…but where’s the substance?

You might be thinking, “Sex sells. So what?” Therein lies the elephant in the room. We should care more than any other generation. We are influential and we are powerful as the Y Generation. We can take to the streets of social media and make things happen, if we have the desire to.

I don’t look like a high fashion model, and I never will. Sorry folks, but the “emaciated” look doesn’t work for me most days.



I genuinely want to know why we continue to congratulate unhealthy weights. It’s exhausting growing up in a culture where perfection is just around the corner with the help of expensive beauty products and possibilities of eating disorders.


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