Are we doing ourselves an injustice?

There’s just too much flourescent lighting everywhere.

This is what I’ve observed about my generation:

We sit in stuffy classrooms, we work in stuffy offices, we stare at lame computer screens, we talk on the phone more than we talk to each other in person…I could go on all day long.

I’ve been researching the subject of “happiness in the workplace” and there is a common theme in every article, book, video:

You have to find your own happiness.


Where do I find my solace or what do I think of when I picture myself as truly happy? I’m on or near the water. I’m outside and appreciative of the beauty that is surrounding me. These moments tend to be few and far between because I don’t encourage myself to make the time. I would rather be productive so the next school/work day is easier…

That’s a terrible approach. I believe that a huge factor in a person’s productivity level stems from his/her happiness level at work or in class. We become immune to the little beauties (especially at LSU) throughout the day because we focus on our To Do lists. It’s time that we make time for ourselves.

We also need to get out of the office. We need to strike up a conversation with someone just because. We need to take more walks. We need to find a change of scenery. We need to close our computers. Most of all, we should probably smile more. I can speak from experience when I say that all of these things have inspired me to perform better. I am motivated to try something outside of the box, and failure doesn’t seem quite as terrifying.

I’m challenging myself to appreciate the little moments and take more yoga breaths when I’m feeling overwhelmed about something I’ll most likely forget about next week. As the adage goes, life’s too short.


2 thoughts on “Are we doing ourselves an injustice?

  1. i couldn’t agree more with all of this — i’m currently struggling personally with my own work situation and satisfaction . . . and knowing that maybe i can’t change anything right now so making sure i find happiness in every other aspect of my life 🙂

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