Paleo on the geaux

Let’s talk about lunch packing.

I would always get super pumped when my mom packed my lunch—which was rare—because I expected a sweet note reading something along the lines of, “Have a great day, kisses.”

My mom never said “kisses” so that didn’t happen. I think what I loved most about my mom packing my lunches was the fact that someone else was doing the work for me, which makes it taste that much better. Now I’m older and a little wiser, therefore I’m aware of the prep work that goes behind each brown bag lunch.

How do I stay Paleo-friendly when my days usually start around 5: 30 a.m. and end (meaning I’m at home and cooking dinner) around 7:30? It’s all about preparing, y’all!

Here are some tips:

  • Plan in bulk and plan ahead each day (if there is something in particular you know you’re going to want at hand constantly, buy a lot of it—reasonably, of course)
  • Cook dinner and lunch at the SAME TIME (make an extra chicken breast, another turkey burger, pack a bigger salad with lots of veggies, etc.)
  • Work at it: this will be a transition, but when you realize the amount of money you’re saving in the long run and when you start feeling that excess energy that seems mystical at this point, you’ll be extra happy
  • Make your meals fun—add a different spice or seasoning, pack breakfast for lunch, etc.
  • Always bring extra veggies! (Don’t focus on the nuts and fruits)
  • Ask your friends to prep meals with you that will last a few days in your fridge
  • Play awesome ass music while you’re packing enough vegetables to feed an actual cow…or if you’re anything like me, a herd of cattle


I promise that if you stick with Paleo or Whole30 for a solid month, you will see and feel the results. It’s worth feeling a little lame and bringing your lunch to school/work. It’s worth the hour you’ll spend prepping for a total of 9-12 meals. It’s definitely worth the funny looks you’ll get because you look like a plastic container hoarder.

I feel like a bonafide cavewoman most days. And I kind of dig it.


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