Sleep all the sleep (part 1)

I do love my sleep.

Go Maleo

If you’ve read any of the posts I’ve made you’ve already heard my recommendation to get more sleep. In fact if you read any of the blogs that I read, you’ve read a few other sciency posts on why sleep is important.  Stephen Guyenet outlines a study in this one that found that people who got more sleep lost more weight from fat when they lost weight.

There’s a lot of information about why you should sleep more.  Many of us don’t get enough for a variety of reasons.  I have a strong feeling that our reduced sleep time is as influential as any other single factor in the rise of obesity.  The CDC calls it a public health epidemic!

That report says: “According to data from the National Health Interview Survey, nearly 30% of adults reported an average of ≤6 hours of sleep per day in 2005-2007. In 2009…

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