Summer’s totes over

In one week I begin my senior year of college.

I basically said “peace out” to the place I always knew as home. Now that I’ve travelled a state over for a few years, I know that mindset is fleeting. I miss the salt water and the friendly faces. I have no idea where I’ll end up post graduation, but I owe my confidence and determination to succeed to the university I love.

Baton Rouge has its perks. LSU has always felt like more of a home base to me than the city it is surrounded by though. Don’t get me wrong…I’m comfortable in many ways with the Red Stick. I’ve met some incredible lifelong friends, and I plan to visit each fall for a few games.

Knowing that senior year will most likely fly by more quickly than the previous three scares me but it also makes me appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given (some I’ve outright taken). LSU is a place that holds a lot of memories for me. I have learned more about myself in the short time I’ve walked through those inspiring halls than I could have ever anticipated.

Senior year holds an abundance of decisions that have to be made prior to accepting my diploma and walking across the stage. Am I worried? Hell yeah. Will I fail? Most likely. Will the fact that I’m worried I might fail stop me? Absolutely not.

I do know one thing: wherever I end up along the road and whatever I become will always reflect the education I have received and the experiences I’ve gained as a Tiger. I have no regrets in my decision to enroll at LSU and I know that when someone asks where I graduated from, I’ll swell with pride.

Geaux Tigers and geaux future.



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