Dip in energy: Paleo style

I didn’t believe the myths.

I’ve been on the coast this week, and it’s tough to be 100% on Paleo here where peanut butter lurks and Cinnamon Toast Crunch in a massive bowl with whole milk is readily available. (Hint: out of sight, out of mind so don’t keep this stuff in the house if you don’t have to.) It’s been 30+ days since starting Paleo, and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt better. There are drawbacks to everything though.

The other morning before my run, I started feeling tired. Not the tired where you should just turn over and go back to sleep for another hour…this was the intense exhaustion that I felt in every part of my body. I was advised to sleep at least 8 hours each night while attempting Perfect Paleo. I came very close to doing that, and lack of sleep probably played a part in this exhaustion. To continue with the story, though, I felt no motivation to get up and go. This feeling was weird. I haven’t felt that in a solid seven months or so and started questioning the hard work I had already put forth and wondered if I could accomplish the weekly/monthly goals I’ve set for myself.

Alas Paleo strikes again. It takes 30 days for your body to truly feel the impact of something new. The lifestyle I created for myself once I began Perfect Paleo was finally beginning to set in, and my body needed to rest a bit. (Hint Part II: on Paleo, it’s suggested that you take rest days frequently, and I see why.) I had rid my body of salt, enriched and processed foods, sugar, etc. That’s a huge transition.

This dip in energy has lasted a few days, and I feel my “old self” coming back as I type. I think the main thing I’ve taken away from this (kind of) scary experience is that your body has to catch up with your mind. You can’t expect everything to work out perfectly the first time, and you have to push through the days when you’re lacking your usual pep. And dammit…even if you don’t feel like it…go for a run.



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