Stop being catty. You’re not a cat.

I don’t understand females…and I am one. 

We size each other up worse than heterosexual guys do when we walk in a bar (or in a classroom, the gym, a public pool, whatever). I think that’s kind of sad. What we should be doing, in my opinion, is uplifting each other. If you like the dress a girl has on, tell her! That requires much less work than jealously talking shit about her having an awesome dress to your friend who probably doesn’t care. Also…

You might not be the hottest one in the room. But it’s all good! 

Sometimes it’s hard to look really hot. It takes a lot of prepping such as: working out, doing your hair, and making sure your make up doesn’t make you look like Paulette from Legally Blonde, all while simultaneously figuring out something appealing to wear.

Embrace the fact that you’re not the hottest one. You can relax a little bit. Enjoy your beer more (or cranberry vodka if you’re into that) instead of worrying about if the seemingly attractive guy in the corner of the bar who’s been checking you out all night is scrutinizing your every move…or if he knows you forgot to shave the back of one leg. 

While you’re enjoying yourself and your beer more, you may actually have more fun. Which means you may have less time to focus on the other ladies in the bar checking out the seemingly attractive guy in the corner. AND you may have so much fun that another–and more attractive man–decides to go talk to the girl (that’s YOU) who’s having an awesome time with her friends and drinking a cool craft beer

I don’t know how this turned into a “how to get a man” post because it’s not. And you don’t need an attractive man to make you feel good about yourself as a capable and talented woman.

My plea, ladies, is that we begin empowering our gender. We have to lend a hand to each other because it’s difficult being a woman in 2013. For every negative comment that pops in your head about another female, I challenge you to think of 3 positive attributes said female possesses. And don’t make excuses. (By the way, I’m accepting this challenge also.) 

“Fighting is essentially a masculine idea; a woman’s weapon is her tongue,” said Hermione Gingold. Let’s prove Hermione wrong. 



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