What matters most

Man. I’m tired…and stressed…and over everything/everyone. 

Sometimes, I think I should just take a mental health day to ignore the world for awhile. I know that day will turn into a quick week and then I’ll never find motivation to get away from Netflix and my bed.

Instead, I keep on truckin’. I’m plotting my next move. I’m thinking about a month, a year, ten years from now and how “happy” I’ll be. But you know what? I have decided to put my foot down on my subconscious. It’s about time that I stop living in the future and appreciate what’s happening right here, right now.

Yeah. I don’t want this to be a really cliche post about how we should all live in the moment and laugh more (insert whatever cheesy line you prefer). Instead, I’m making an actual PROMISE to myself to relish the now. I’m going to listen more, share more and smile more. Walking on the average college campus, a few notable things take place:

  1. Nobody looks each other in the eye–we’re usually all on our phones, which can cause fatalities 
  2. There aren’t many smiles
  3. We look like zombies
  4. Professors get pissed when we don’t participate because we’re all zombies
  5. All of the above are true from my personal experience

I pledge to be the weirdo that smiles at a random (and innocent) bystander/passerby. I want to make a lame joke when I’m waiting on class to begin with the person next to me who I’ve never spoken to before. I’m just ready to be more cognizant of how I present myself. Who knows? Life’s too damn short to not talk to the person next to you or smile at someone who probably needs it now more than ever.



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