Battles, skeletons, whatever

If you’re not conspicuously fighting it, you’re probably hiding it.

We are quick to judge someone based on his/her appearance or by what we have heard about them from “trusted sources.” What I have learned is that by living this way, we limit ourselves to the scope of people we interact with. I would argue that if most people were asked about what they were most proud of, they would admit their individualism takes the cake. In my opinion, we subconsciously end up homogenizing ourselves with those who we are most comfortable to be acquainted with.

For instance, I was always told that I would “find myself” in college. I’m not certain that I have completely found out who Erin Kenna is, but I’m striving each day to learn something new about myself. I like to think that I skip to the beat of my own drum; I have a feeling we all like to think that. Ideally, we could walk around in whatever clothes–or lack thereof–we decided to throw on without a second thought. (I have a feeling a small minority of the US population does this, hence People of Walmart.)

Societal norms hinder us from attempting to branch out even more. We are constantly concerned with what someone else might assume if we do something slightly out of “normal” character. The summer camp I have had the opportunity to work for hosted classes in psychology and philosophy which asked the question “What is Normal?” This question stumped the scholars. Let’s be real, I don’t know how to answer this one. Is it what society tells us normal should be? Am I normal? Am I abnormal?

And who’s to say that we should have the power to judge others based on superficial aspects? I know that some of the people in my life are probably battling a war within themselves that I can’t even fathom.

This is confusing. My MAIN POINT is that we should take the time to broaden our friendship horizons. We should pick out the positive attributes about a fellow human versus focusing and obsessing over the flaws. We all have flaws. We can’t help it. I’m making it a point to get outside of my friendship safety net. Would you like to join?


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