North Mississippi Allstars

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This was one of the best shows I have been to in a good while. The energy was consistent from pre-opening act all the way through the end of both sets. I have seen the North Mississippi Allstars a few times back home. It usually costs $25-$40 to see them each time, so I rarely get the opportunity to go. (Ballin’ on a budget, y’all.)

I bought a ticket for this show at a whopping $10; that was pretty much the best investment I’ve ever made. We walked in the doors and not a soul was there under the age of 30. It’s all good though. I like being a minority. The opening act–The London Souls–made me contemplate who my favorite artists were.

Below are a few videos that I took throughout the show. I should have gotten a few of TLS, but I was so transfixed that I literally didn’t want to grab my phone out of my pocket in case I missed something really good. That band has some soul, no pun intended. It’s a mix of southern rock, blues and even some reggae at one point. I was in awe, really.

The North MS Allstars have been one of my favorites since my early days at The Shed when they played often. I was so lucky at 16 to see these incredible artists. At the time, I had no idea that I was subconsciously falling in love with the genre of blues rock. Lightnin’ Malcolm  plays with another one of my favorites (Cedric Burnside). He was amazing last night, as I expected. Alvin Youngblood Hart was there, and a few Junior Kimbrough tributes took place. I was fangirling.

In summary: great show, good beer and lots of dancing to good ole’ Mississippi rock.

Shake Em On Down

Lightnin’ Malcolm

Po Black Maddie

Most Things Haven’t Worked Out–Junior Kimbrough


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