Exes are good for something

Caution: I might delve into some disheartening reality in this post. 

I have dated several types of boys/men. Let’s see, there’s the macho one, the super affluent SOB, the charismatic thespian, the immature but really attractive guy, the rockstar, etc. I don’t believe I have an actual “type.” I would rather not shove someone in a corner and ignore him because he doesn’t fit my aesthetic standards.

Anywho. My point with this post is to give these past romantic interests some serious credit. Why, you ask? For the song and artist suggestions that changed my life for the ultimate better. For instance:

  1. The Thespian: Thank you for introducing me to some of the most incredible artists of my generation. I would have never known that music like this existed in some underground world or alternate reality if I had not had the pleasure of meeting you. The first mix CD (throwback, yes) you ever made me is still in my car. I hope that makes you smile if you ever read this.
  2. The Macho One: Look. I don’t prefer rap. It’s just not my taste, I guess. For all of those who do prefer rap, I applaud you. I’ll dance to Lil Wayne at the bar and make bad decisions to Two Chainz every once in awhile, but for the most part I avoid the genre. However, you introduced me to the best old school rap my ears will ever hear. Much obliged, I say.
  3. The Affluent/Arrogant SOB: Clearly, this guy is now (in hindsight) my least favorite. But…he did have an incredible taste in music. His favorites ranged from indie to funk, and I loved getting new suggestions from him on a daily basis. We were cheesy in a sense that we would post videos on each other’s walls of live shows we wanted to see together. He was kind of an ass, though.
  4. Last but not least, I would like to sing The Rockstar’s praises: You made me realize why I love the music I love. You encouraged me to dig deeper and forget about the lyrics…really enjoy the rhythms that create the experience. I was lucky enough to share the same musical tastes as you; I remember when we would go somewhere together and hear a song that struck a chord (no pun intended) in both of us, we would just stop what we were doing and stare at each other. That seems creepy as I type it, but it was actually somewhat–dare I say it–romantic.

Thanks to these fellas and a few others, my music library houses a pretty intense variety, just like my men. (Ha ha.)


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