My Mom

Sentiments abound, folks.

My mom is a badass. As I was growing up, I never really understood why she was so intense all the time. Sure, she had fun but it wasn’t a top priority. You see, she worked in a male-dominated field. When she came home from work, she would still carry the weight on her shoulders. I could tell by age 5 that her job was stressful.

I’ve always believed that she walked around her office and told people what to do. Now I see, though, that her position was more critical than that. She was able to negotiate through scenario after scenario and turn the worst of enemies into the best of friends. She would always say to me growing up, “You’re lucky that you can take classes like Trigonometry. We girls had to take typewriting and home economics.” It never resonated until I entered a university setting.

I love the fact that mama Sharon is sarcastic, cusses like a sailor, treats my friends like her friends and has insight about everything I have questions about. I can’t imagine not having her to confide in on a daily basis. When something good, bad, whatever, takes place in my life she is the first person I think of to tell. I appreciate her more than she will ever know, even if she doesn’t think it’s  safe to follow my passion for activism in different countries around the world.

I guess, in reality, my ultimate goal when I was younger was to make her proud. I recognize it now without any sort of affirmation.


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