State Radio

I decided to do some research on a band that I have recently come across. State Radio, based in Massachusetts, caught my ear(?) one day. I knew the lead singer’s voice sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place where I had heard him before.

Dispatch, another of my favorites, is also led by frontman Chad Stokes. Members from both bands have partnered with several student groups, activist groups, corporations, festivals, etc. to cultivate goals focusing on gender equality, hunger, the environment, and education.

I believe that the most admirable artists are those that believe in something other than their independent success. You can read about their past work and successful history thus far here.

Music + Activism + Grassroots Appeal = Incredible Opportunities for those around the world. I am a firm believer that music and rhythm are what connect us all in some way. From the Americas to Africa, we all have a common bond.


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