On October 4, I was able to see RHCP yet again this year. They did not disappoint. In fact, this setting was (although more constricted due to the arena style) right up their alley.

I realize that I was not alive/just out of the womb when the Peppers made it big. My uncle used to listen to them when he was in the mid thirties in Denham Springs. Shout out to KLSU Radio for introducing him to good music and good vibes. He would tell me that they were the greatest live band ever.

Although I’m not a fan of mainstream rock (it’s the worst type of mainstream actually), I do believe that the Peppers can kill an audience with music and hype. Their concert allows for interaction and audience feedback, which I love. Flea is a killer bass player, but he can also make every member of the crowd laugh his/her ass off.

I have to admit that this concert will stand among my top 5. If only the socks were still the case in 2012. One can hope.



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